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Welzek T6290F UWB Test System Passed the FiRa® 2.0 Test Validation
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Welzek T6290F UWB test system has successfully passed the FiRa® Consortium Physical Layer Conformance Testing 2.0 validation. In October 2023, T6290F successfully passed the FiRa 1.0 validation. The latest FiRa PHY Technical and Test Specifications introduce enhancements to the performance and interoperability test requirements for ultra-wideband (UWB) device conformance tests.

Welzek T6290F supports a maximum analysis bandwidth of 2GHz, with a frequency range of 75MHz to 10GHz, and can support all channels (CH0 to CH15) required by UWB systems as well as different bandwidths. The T6290F has a built-in combiner in each channel, providing picosecond precision Time of Flight (TOF) testing and calibration for UWB equipment. At the same time, with the use of electronic adjustable time delay unit (TDUs), it is possible to accurately adjust the time delay of different RF channels and measure the angle of arrival (AOA) of UWB devices.

The T6290F tester not only meets FiRa validation requirements, but also supports full frequency band wireless communication standards, including 5G NR and other cellular technologies, short range wireless technologies including Bluetooth®, GNSS, WiFi7/6E/6 standard, UWB and so on. The T6290F has a dual channel design, with a single channel supporting 4 RF ports, which can achieve multi-DUT parallel testing and MIMO measurement, meeting the testing needs of users in various scenarios.

Jieun Keum, FiRa's Compliance and Certification Working Group Co-Chair, said: "As more companies such as Welzek step up to get their test tools validated for FiRa Consortium’s 2.0 Certification Program, we can continue to ensure UWB’s ability to provide seamless user experiences and device interoperability. We congratulate Welzek for having its T6290F test tool validated for FiRa’s 2.0 PHY Conformance Testing.

Yao Lu, CEO of Welzek US, said:

Welzek focuses on R&D, production, and service of wireless measuring instruments, and is the only instrument manufacturer in China that has been validated through the FiRa Consortium’s 2.0 Physical Layer Conformance testing. Welzek will continue to innovate in technology and provide more competitive testing solutions for the UWB industry chain.



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