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Since established in 2014, Welzek has been a company with complete system of R&D, production, sales and service. The sales services covers major electronic product manufacturing bases all over China, based on Welzek branch company in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xi’an and headquarter in Beijing. Since 2014, hundreds of manufactories have chosen Radio Signal Tester and Precision Programmable Power Supply of Welzek for R&D and manufacture of their wireless products, millions mobile phones and wireless modules have been benefited by these test equipment at home and abroad.


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T6290E Radio Signal Tester
T6290E is a high-performance instrument for RF testing in 5G era. It covers various cellular standards of 2/3/4/5G NR/IOT , short distance radio communication technologies as Bluetooth, GNSS,UWB and Wifi (802.11 series ,including ax/be ( Wifi 6E/7) )and other wideband radio technologies.
K6206 DC Power Supply
K6206/K6206-V20 can offer high precision programmable dual-channel DC power supplier. With capability for max .20V /5A and measurement accuracy for uA, it is widely used for power supply , charging test and weak power test.
T6290D Wireless Tester
T6290D is wireless tester for 4G era, with capability for cellular technology as 2/3/4G/IOT and short distance radio communication technologies as Bluetooth, GNSS, Wifi . With optional bult-in DC Power supply , it can be easily applied for various test requirement.

Project Case

  • Automation Test
  • Manual Test
  • IOT Test
  • Application of Power Supply
Automation Test
The small size and high integration of T6290D/E can contribute a lot with automated test equipment, which has been widely applied for DUT calibration and comprehensive test.
Manual Test
Typical application of using T6290D to build calibration/comprehensive test/assembly test line:T6290D can be used to build a system with the program-controlled power supply and GPIB line, and the connection and configuration are the same as other instruments. Using T6290D's own program-controlled power supply and full network cable control function to build mobile phone calibration, comprehensive testing and assembly test lines can give full play to the features and advantages of the device.
IoT Test Application
Relying on the original factory's development capabilities, Zunxun can provide customized services for various testing needs of module manufacturers to meet the needs of low-cost, large-scale and rapid production of modules.
Application of Power Supply
The K6206 program-controlled power supply can provide two-way power output and current measurement, so it is very suitable for power supply and standby current testing of mobile phones in the production process.