Services and Support

As the main way of providing services to customers,Welzek offers both direct leasing and selling service directly to users of factories and R&D institute.

Among them, the original direct rental service provided by Quan Electronics has unique advantages,The benefit to customers including:

1.Access to cost-effective original product contract and professional technical service;

2. Technical support service for the customer’s demand by Welzek’s FAE, which offer quick solutions for customers’s requirement of testing;

3. Localized self-owned warehousing and logistics guarantee equipment can be supplied within 4 hours locally, responding to customer urgent orders and large demand;

4. The Welzek’s factory provide strict quality control of the equipment, with instrument calibration ,testing and SW upgrade.

5.Efficient and convenient PO management and equipment managing by Welzek’s Web platform by Cloud system and Wechat UI.