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The new generation wireless tester T6290U was proudly released
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Welzek launched the latest product, T6290U, which has both beauty and material. Now, let's take a look at what new operations the T6290U has played!



T6290U Introduction

The new generation of wireless comprehensive tester T6290U of Welzek is built on a new hardware platform to meet the current and future RF index test requirements of the industry. Focusing on the requirements of large bandwidth, low phase noise, high frequency and multi format, the T6290U covers all kinds of test scenarios from R&D to production with excellent performance, bringing customers more powerful, efficient and valuable choices.



  T6290U key indicators

  • Up to 2.4GHz analysis bandwidth

  • 100M-10GHz ultra wide frequency range

  • Stand alone support 2x2 True MIMO (scalable support up to 16x16)

  • EVM ≤-50 dB

  • Dual RF (VSG+VSA) parallel channels

  • Flexible configuration combination of 16 front-end ports

  • Full system support coverage

    Cellular communication (2/3/4/5G)

    Short distance communication (UWB, Wi Fi a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be, Bluetooth 1.0-5.2, GNSS, etc.)

  • Powerful interface interaction software VSM, forward compatible with T6290D/E test instructions



T6290U main parameters




Two independent RF channels
16 full duplex ports


W=362mm, H=66mm, D=500mm




Frequency range

100MHz to 10000MHz

Frequency setting resolution



< 1.4 typ. 400MHz to 6000MHz

< 1.8 typ. 6000MHz to 10000MHz

Signal Generator

Signal bandwidth


In band amplitude flatness


Bandwidth=500 MHz: <±1.5dB  
Bandwidth=1000 MHz: < ±2.5 dB
Bandwidth=2000 MHz: < ±3.5 dB

Output level range

100MHz to 4000MHz: -130dBm to +5dBm
4000MHz to 6000MHz:-120dBm to 0dBm
6000MHz to 10000MHz:-110dBm to -10dBm

Output level accuracy

100MHz to 6000MHz:+0.6dB,output level≥-80dBm
6000MHz to 10000MHz:±1.0dB,output level≥-80dBm

Integrated Phase Noise

≤ 0.13 degrees (1kHz to 100 MHz), Freq 100 MHz to 10000 MHz

Signal Analyzer

Signal bandwidth


Maximum input level range

+34dBm, CW, continuous input

Input level accuracy

400MHz to 6000MHz:+0.6dB,output level≥-50dBm
6000MHz to 8000MHz:±1.0dB,output level>-50dBm

Integrated Phase Noise 

≤ 0.13 degrees (1kHz to 100 MHz), Freq 100 MHz to 10000 MHz

*Note: For details, please refer to Welzek T6290U Radio Signal Tester Datasheet


T6290U service objectives

In June 22, the 5G R17 standard was announced to be frozen. It marks that 5G technology and standards have entered a stable period, and the preparation of R18 standard of '5.5G' has started. At the same time as the evolution of cellular technology standards, IoT applications have also driven the continuous evolution of non cellular related standards. Short distance communication technologies, such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth and UWB, can be closely combined with the subdivided IoT scenarios according to their own characteristics to provide users with a better service experience.

IoT modules, CPE and intelligent devices are supporting more and more technologies and standards, which brings many new challenges to RF testing and measurement, especially the relevant testing requirements of 5G, Wi Fi and UWB. The flexibility of 5G technology has spawned a wide range of complex terminal equipment. For manufacturers, the testing of 5G equipment is a huge challenge; As far as WiFi technology is concerned, WiFi 6/7 can meet the requirements of multi-user high-speed communication at the same time through greater bandwidth (320 MHz), higher frequency band (up to 7.125GHz), higher modulation mode (4096 QAM), more antenna numbers (up to 16 groups), and more efficient resource allocation mode (OFDMA), which further increases the test difficulty; Due to the extremely short pulse duration and the bandwidth used by UWB is above 500MHz, the required test solution for designing, integrating and testing broadband radio equipment under low power conditions needs to be able to generate and analyze a wide range of signals and have the necessary dynamic range.

It can be seen from the above technical development trends that in 5G, Wi Fi, UWB and other communication fields, the application frequency band has expanded the signal working frequency band to a higher level. At the same time, the signal bandwidth has gradually increased from 100MHz/160MHz to 500MHz or even 2GHz, and the RF indicators of the signal (including phase noise, EVM, spurious, etc.) have become more important.

In order to address these high-end requirements and complex technical challenges, advanced RF testing solutions are essential, and the requirements for capacity utilization and flexibility need to be considered at the same time.




Write at the end

In order to conform to the development trend of the industry, Relying on more than ten years of experience, Welzek's R&D team has made bold innovations and breakthroughs, and successfully launched a new generation of wireless comprehensive tester, T6290U, to meet the increasing demand for RF R&D, production and testing, and help the industry to pursue higher instrument universality, utilization and return on investment. In short, 'one meter at a time, no worries about testing'.


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