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Enhanced Wireless Synthesizer T6290F
Enhanced Wireless Synthesizer T6290F
The Welzek Wireless Synthesizer T6290F is specially designed and tuned to meet the industry's current and future RF metrics testing needs for Wifi and other short-range communication technologies.
The T6290F supports 75MHz-10GHz testing with 2GHz bandwidth and can support 5G NR testing in the SUB 6G and 7.125G bands as defined by the 5G specification. The T6290F will support Wi-Fi 6E/7 performance testing and UWB R&D testing for all features while supporting cellular testing. With two independent transceiver channels, the product extends the number of measurement ports to 8, further improving the efficiency of production line testing and supporting MIMO measurements.
  • Technical features
  • Main parameter

Excellent RF index

Support 75M-10GHz frequency band test

Support up to 2GHz analysis bandwidth

Maximum output power up to 15dBm

Optional measurement software for different standards

Support 5G NR and other cellular technologies, various short-range wireless technologies including Bluetooth, GNSS\Wi-Fi 7/6E/6 standard, UWB ultra-wideband measurement. 

Dual RF channels, each channel supports 4 RF ports, supports multi-DUT parallel testing and supports MIMO measurements.

Channels and Ports 

Channels and ports Maximum           2 channels, 4 TRX ports per channel

Dimensions                                         W332.2mm, H91.2mm, D428.2mm, with handle

Weight                                                approx. 15kg

Frequency range                                75MHz to 10000MHz (monophonic signal)

                                                            400MHz to 9500MHz (modulated signal)

Signal Generator

Frequency range                                 500MHz (basic configuration) 

                                                             1000MHz (K080 option support)

Output level range with VSA off (half duplex mode) :

75 MHz to 6000 MHz: -130 dBm to +15 dBm 

6000 MHz to 8000 MHz: -120 dBm to +10 dBm 

8000 MHz to 10000 MHz: -100 dBm to 0 dBm 

(Minimum output level except for 3000 MHz and 6000 MHz) 

Output level accuracy

75MHz to 8000MHz: ±0.6 dB, output level ≥ -120dBm (for continuous wave (CW))

75MHz to 8000MHz: ±1.6 dB, -130dBm ≤ output level < -120dBm (for continuous wave (CW)) 

8000MHz to 10000MHz: ±2.0 dB, output level ≥ -80dBm (for continuous wave (CW))

Integrated phase noise   

< 0.13 degrees (1kHz to 100MHz), 400MHz to 9500MHz

Signal analyzer

Signal bandwidth                                500MHz (basic configuration)

                                                       2000MHz (K080 option supported)

Maximum input level range        +30 dBm, continuous input

Input level accuracy                        

75MHz to 6000MHz: ±0.6 dB, input level > -50 dBm (for continuous wave (CW)) 

6000MHz to 10000MHz: ±1.0 dB, input level > -50 dBm (for continuous wave (CW))

Integrated phase noise

<0.13 degrees (1 kHz to 100 MHz), 75 MHz to 10000 MHz

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