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T6290E Radio Signal Tester
T6290E Radio Signal Tester
T6290E is a high-performance instrument for RF testing in 5G era. It covers various cellular standards of 2/3/4/5G NR/IOT , short distance radio communication technologies as Bluetooth, GNSS,UWB and Wifi (802.11 series ,including ax/be ( Wifi 6E/7) )and other wideband radio technologies.
T6290E is a test platform that can meet 5G R16 technical specifications, supports 400M-8GHz frequency band, and a maximum IF bandwidth of 500M, can support 5G NR test in SUB 6G and 7.125G frequency bands defined by 5G specifications, and can also meet Wifi in 7GHz frequency band 6E test requirements. The product has 8 TX/RX radio frequency ports, which can be flexibly configured according to the test requirements to realize one-to-eight parallel testing. It can be seamlessly compatible with the T6290D test instructions, and realize the wireless standards such as 2/3/4G/IOT/wifi/Bluetooth/GPS supported by the existing T6290D.
  • Technical features
  • Main parameter

1. excellent RF index

Support 400m-8ghz

Support transmitting if bandwidth of 500m and receiving bandwidth of 400MHz

Support 2/3/4/5g/ Bluetooth /wi fi 6/6e/7 test

2. abundant peripheral interfaces

Various interfaces that facilitate the establishment of integrated test environment

Including: radio frequency port, USB, display interface DP, Ethernet, trigger (in/out)

3. flexible software options

Optional measurement software of different systems

5g nr/ other cellular technologies / Internet of things /wi fi 6/ other WiFi systems / Bluetooth GPS can be flexibly configured through software options

4. provide application development tools

Terminal test tool set / RF R & D tool

Test frequency

Frequency range 400mhz-8000mhz

24GHz to 44ghz

Frequency setting resolution 1Hz

Frequency accuracy is the same as time reference accuracy

Function parameters of signal generator

The maximum transmission signal bandwidth is 500MHz, and the center frequency is from 600MHz to 8000MHz

Output power accuracy 400MHz to 4000mhz:+0.6db, output power level >-80dbm

4000MHz to 8000mhz: ± 1.0db, output power level >-80dbm

Output signal phase noise

Carrier offset 1MHz single sideband <-125dbc/hz, CW output -15dbm, 400MHz to 8000MHz

Carrier offset 100kHz single sideband <-95dbc/hz, CW output -15dbm, 400MHz to 8000MHz

Function parameters of signal analyzer

The maximum analysis signal bandwidth is 400MHz, and the center frequency is from 600MHz to 8000MHz

Input signal measurement accuracy 400MHz to 6000mhz:+0.6db, output power level >-50dbm

6000mhz to 8000mhz:+1.0db, output power level >-50dbm

Carrier offset 1MHz, SSB <-125dbc/hz, NOM, <-95dbc/hz, NOM

Carrier offset 100kHz, SSB <-95dbc/hz, NOM

Basic general parameters

Channel and port 1 channel, 8rx/tx full duplex port

Volume width: 332mm, height: 58.2mm, depth: 390mm (including handle and RF head)

Weight: about 7.5kg

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