K6206 DC Power Supply
K6206 DC Power Supply
K6206/K6206-V20 can offer high precision programmable dual-channel DC power supplier. With capability for max .20V /5A and measurement accuracy for uA, it is widely used for power supply , charging test and weak power test.
K6206-v20 high-precision DC program-controlled power supply is a dual channel high-precision program-controlled power supply independently developed for quasi electronics for DC power supply of various electronic products and high-precision power consumption test. The volume and weight of the product are far smaller than those of similar imported products. The single port power reaches 100W, and the measurement accuracy reaches UA level. It is widely used in the test power supply, high-power fast charging and weak current micro power consumption measurement of various electronic products.
  • Technical features
  • Main parameter

I  dual channel high-precision DC regulated output

I  full network cable control, compact volume

I  k6206-v20 maximum output 20v/5a

I  measure u class a weak current and test standby power consumption

I  instruction system compatibility mainstream control instruction

直流程控电源 K6206系列

DC Power Supply K6206 Series

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K6206 DC Power Supply