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New generation wireless  tester T6290U
New generation wireless tester T6290U
The new generation of wireless tester T6290U is based on a new hardware platform in order to satisfy  the test  requirements both by current and future RF technology .With excellent performance as  larger bandwidth, lower phase noise, higher frequency and multi radio technology,  T6290U can cover various test scenarios both by R&D and production , which brings more valuable choices for customers.
The T6290U is a high-performance general-purpose test instrument with the highest integration in the industry. It is built on an upgraded new hardware platform to satisfy current and future RF test requirements. The T6290U supports frequency for100MHz - 10GHz, with 2.4GHz bandwidth, which covers SUB 6G and 7.125G frequency band 5G NR test defined by 3GPP. While supporting the cellular test, the T6290U supports Wi Fi 6E/7 and UWB features both for R&D and production. T6290U has two independent full duplex channels, with 8 ports for each channel, which can support MIMO test and improve the production line testing efficiency apparently.
  • Technical features
  • Main parameter

1. Excellent RF Performance

   Support 100M-10GHz

   2.4GHz bandwidth

   Phase noise ≤ 0.13 degrees ≤ 0.13 degrees (1kHz to 100 MHz), Freq 100 MHz to 10000 MHz

2. One stop solution

    Full system support coverage

    Cellular communication (2/3/4/5G)

    Short distance communication (UWB, Wi Fi a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be, Bluetooth 1.0-5.2, GNSS, etc.)

3. Flexible and scalable software options

Different measurement software can be selected

5G NR/other cellular technologies/IOT/Wi Fi 6E/Wi Fi 7/other WIFI systems/Bluetooth/GPS/UWB can be flexibly configured through software options

Scalable MIMO architecture for up to 16x16 T-MIMO testing

4. Multi scenario support

Support cell test, non signaling test and WBG factory test

Wi Fi R&D and testing, optimize RF channel phase noise indicators, support  non-signaling test of R&D 

Wi Fi MIMO test

UWB full scenario test

Main parameter

Test frequency

Frequency range                                  


Frequency setting resolution                

1Hz, nom.


< 1.4 typ. 400MHz to 6000 MHz

< 1.8 typ. 6000 MHz to 10000 MHz

Signal Generator

Signal bandwidth            2.4GHz

In band amplitude flatness

Bandwidth=500 MHz: < ±1.5 dB

Bandwidth=1000 MHz: < ±2.5 dB

Bandwidth=2000 MHz: < ±3.5 dB 

Output level range                                              

100 MHz to 4000 MHz:  -130 dBm to +5 dBm

4000 MHz to 6000 MHz:  -120 dBm to 0 dBm

6000 MHz to 10000 MHz:  -110 dBm to -10 dBm

Output level accuracy                                        

100MHz to 6000MHz:+0.6dB, output power level ≥ - 80dBm

6000MHz to 10000MHz: ± 1.0dB, output power level ≥ - 80dBm

Integrated Phase Noise                                       

≤ 0.13 degrees (1kHz to 100 MHz), Freq 100 MHz to 10000 MHz

Signal Analyzer

Signal bandwidth               2.4GHz

Maximum input level range                                

+34 dBm, CW, continuous input

Input level accuracy                                            

400MHz to 6000MHz:+0.6dB, output power level>- 50dBm

6000MHz to 8000MHz: ± 1.0dB, output power level>- 50dBm

Integrated Phase Noise                                       

≤ 0.13 degrees (1kHz to 100 MHz), Freq 100 MHz to 10000 MHz

Basic general parameters

Channels and ports                                            

2-channel, 16RX/TX full duplex port




Approx. 11 kg

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