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T6290D Wireless Tester
T6290D Wireless Tester
T6290D is wireless tester for 4G era, with capability for cellular technology as 2/3/4G/IOT and short distance radio communication technologies as Bluetooth, GNSS, Wifi . With optional bult-in DC Power supply , it can be easily applied for various test requirement.
  • Technical features
  • Main parameter

1. full standard, full frequency band:

• it can support cellular technologies, including gsm/gprs/cdma (95/1x/ev-do) /wcdma/td-scdma/lte (tdd/fdd) /nb-iot and other cellular systems and non cellular technologies, including WiFi (802.1 a/b/g/n/ac) /bluetooth /gps;

• support all frequency bands from 70m to 6000m, with a maximum measurement bandwidth of 100m, and support the test of 80m bandwidth of WiFi 802.11 AC in 5g frequency band;

2. integrated high-precision programmable power supply

The built-in PPSU power board of t6290d can provide 4-way parallel high-precision program-controlled power supply, which can save two external program-controlled power supplies and corresponding GPIB cards and GPIB lines for the production line;

3. the whole network cable is connected to the upper computer (optional GPIB)

T6290d supports the upper computer to connect and control through the network cable when it is configured in GPIB mode. It feels exactly the same as the real GPIB connection;

For the factory with GPIB card, the traditional GPIB line connection and control mode can also be selected;

4. high integration and fast operation

The time from power on to stable operation of t6290d is about 60 seconds, and the time for upgrading through USB flash disk is no more than 3 minutes; The whole machine is 12cm high, with a full weight of 17kg, and its power consumption and other indicators are at the leading level in the industry;

5. local support provided by the original factory

For quasi electronics, the technical service and support team will be put in front of customers in Shenzhen, Sichuan and other places to provide users with high-quality services based on the original factory; Users can quickly respond to product logistics, maintenance, calibration and upgrading services;

Chip supportCompletion date
Qualcomm (fttl license)February 2017
MTKDecember 2014
SpreadtrumSeptember 2015
海思April 2015
ZTEJune 2017
IntelSeptember 2017
GCTApril 2017
MarvellSeptember 2014

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